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Blog Title: What is variable speed equipment?
What is variable speed equipment?
Category: Home Heating And Air Conditioning Post By: ERIC SANCHEZ (Como, CA), 01/24/2015

The variable speed furnace and fancoil are the latest in comfort technology. The variable speed motor is able to adjust its speed by minute fractions to accommodate whatever is required for it. Unlike motors of the past which had at most four speeds, and each speed was locked in for cooling and heating, the variable speed motor is able to adjust its speed to give the maximum amount of comfort, and the quietest operation possible. When a humidistat is used in conjunction with the variable speed furnace, you are able to control the humidity in your house during the cooling season. When the humidistat finds that there is a higher humidity than desired, the variable speed blower motor slows down, enabling the system to pull more moisture out of the air. The biggest complaint we have had when installing variable speed equipment is that the customer thinks the unit never runs, because they never hear it. When we ask if the temperature of the house is at what the thermostat is set at, the customer invariably says – yes.

- KATHLEEN SCOTT (Mendon, TX), 01/31/2015
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