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Blog Title: Why does my furnace air conditioner have poor air flow?
Why does my furnace air conditioner have poor air flow?
Category: Ac Vent Post By: KATRINA REESE (Altona, MI), 11/02/2014

A dirty filter, blower wheel, stopped up evaporator coil, and a dragging motor can cause poor air flow. I would have your evaporator coil and blower wheel checked to make sure they are clean. Check the capacitor on the blower motor to make sure it is reading up to the specification on the capacitor. If you do not have a capacitor tester then you would need to purchase a new capacitor to see if it is the capacitor. Make sure your system is fully charged with refrigerant. A system that is low on charge will cause a freeze up condition and block air flow through the evaporator coil. To identify which capacitor you need you would need to turn off your power and take the capacitor loose and try to read the specs on the capacitor. I can’t guarantee this is your problem, but it could be. Best of luck!

- BRUCE BELL (Loma Linda, TX), 11/06/2014
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