Copper Tubing

 The modern technology has successfully discovered the advantages of copper and copper alloys in the use of tube and pipe products. Copper tubes are widely used as a means of conveyance of potable into houses and buildings. Besides copper tubes has a large usage in both refrigeration and air conditioning purposes. Copper tubes is also a great choice among the plumbers. The reasons behind these are the following:

• Copper is highly resistant to corrosion
• It can withstand high level of heat transfer
• It has mach inability
• It consumes less refrigerant

 Due to all these properties and many others copper has replaced the age old aluminum tubes in the air conditioning units. Aluminum was a choice among manufacturers due to its low cost and high transfer capacity. But with time it was realized that aluminum required high maintenance and gradually there was a shift towards copper tubing.

 It was noticed that copper as a metal had a lot more thermal conductivity than that of copper. Moreover, in case of aluminum tubes no repair was possible, the only option was to replace it completely. Hence, it became a costly affair. Thus, due to the following reasons copper tubes became a favored choice for air conditioners as well as refrigerators. The properties are discussed below:

• It is reliable and has superior strength
• It can be maintained easily
• It has great heat transfer qualities
• It is resistant towards mechanical and other external damages
• It can be repaired easily

 Interestingly enough, copper is considered an eco-friendly metal when used in air conditioners or refrigerants. One of the main reasons for this is they use less refrigerants. As copper tubes have less internal volume it is obvious that less amount of refrigerant is required to charge the coils. And less refrigerant means less expenses. Copper tubes has smaller diameters when compared to aluminum tubes. It is a known fact that smaller diameter increases the cooling rate. Hence, with less consumption of energy the impact of cooling is greater making copper tubes a preferred choice among the manufacturers of air conditioners as well as refrigerators.

Here it should be noted that small diameter of the copper tubes has the following advantages:

• It has a more compact design
• It has got highly efficient heat exchanger coils
• It also cuts down the cost of manufacturing high efficiency refrigerators and air conditioners.

Hence, it is recommended that whenever you buy an air conditioner or a refrigerator emphasis on the fact that it has a copper tube. This is because copper tube has lot of benefits when compared to aluminum tubes.



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