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Air conditioners are of great use especially when the temperatures are soaring outside. It helps in extracting the heat from inside the room and the hot air of the room is replaced with a cool conditioned air. Hence, it becomes a matter of concern when the air conditioner malfunctions and every home owner tries to run from pillar to post to make the air conditioner functional once more. It is true that in most cases repairing an air conditioner fault may be out of our purview but it is not a bad idea to know about the common problems that plague an air conditioner. In fact, knowing some of these problems can help homeowners to put it right sometimes.

Now let us have a look at some of the common problems that is noticed in an air conditioner. They are the following:

Faulty wiring: Haphazard or uncertified AC wiring can be quite risky and might cause severities like a fire incident. In fact, improper wiring can prevent the system from getting power and trip the circuit breaker.

Low levels of refrigerant: When the air conditioner is low on refrigerant, most of the times it indicates that there is a refrigerant leak and it should be repaired as fast as possible.

Outside fan is not working properly: It is the outside fan that takes out the inside heat to the outside air. If the outside fan does not work properly, the heat transfer will not be proper thus making the temperature inside uncomfortable.

Outside unit is not functional: When the outside unit does not function properly, it generally indicates lack of power, contractor problems and also a faulty thermostat.

Frozen coils: Most of the times, frozen coils indicate obstruction in the airflow which is caused by dirty filters or some obstruction in the duct work. Sometimes, low levels of refrigerant might also cause frozen indoor coils.

When your air conditioner does not run properly, there are certain things that you can try out before calling in an HVAC expert.

For example, if your air conditioner does not turn on you can check whether the condenser is running. You have to ensure that the unit is properly plugged in and the thermostat is rightly set. You can lower the temperature of the thermostat by 5 to 10 degrees and set it to the cooling mode. You will also have to check whether there is a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.

In case your air conditioner is on and the thermostat is set properly and still the air conditioner is not cooling, you might have to check whether the condenser has debris around it. Accumulated debris might block free airflow into the rooms. So it is important that you clear the debris and the next step is to clean the filters. Many a times, dirty filters prevent the air conditioner from cooling a room.

Sometimes, the cooling provided by the air conditioners might not be adequate in that case, the problem may lie with the size of your air conditioner. If you have an air conditioner that is too small in size or too big compared to the area it has to cool, the result will not be satisfactory. In addition to improper size, the problem may also be with the charge or a frozen evaporator coil.

Even after trying out all the DIY methods, if the problem still persists, you might have to get in touch with an expert HVAC technician who will be able to detect the problem and act accordingly.



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