Tips For Running Efficient Ac System

 It goes without saying that all of us want to stay cool during the summers and warm during the winters. However, in such a pursuit of happiness energy prices are rising in leaps and bounds every year. So if you are planning to buy an air conditioner irrespective of the model you want or if you already have an air conditioner you need to seriously think about energy saving. If care is not taken now it might be a cause of serious concern in the years to come. Not only will inefficient use of the AC disturb the environment but also it will push up your electricity bills.

 The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is worth planning well in advance before you buy an air conditioner unit. This is important because if you are well prepared to place your air conditioner in a particular space in your room you will easily be able to choose the type and the size depending on the requirement. For example, smaller ducked units will allow future zoning of the space, while, the cassette type indoor units will restrict such an arrangement.

 Once you have planned properly about your air conditioner, the next thing that is important is choosing the right kind of unit depending on your need. Before finalizing on a particular brand, you need to keep in mind certain things.

Try to find out the energy usage of the unit. Make a comparative study of the amount of energy it uses for heating or cooling and the output result.

 It is a good idea to choose an inverted air conditioner with a variable speed. The advantage is when the cooling is not that urgent the fan reduces it speed whereas when the cooling is necessary the speed of the fan is enhanced. This can be a great energy saving technique as the usage is solely need based.

To buy an air conditioner that has higher energy rating is a better option than choosing the one with a lower rating. For example, air conditioners that have ratings between 7 to 10 stars are considered super-efficient.

 Besides these there are some general energy saving tips that might help you run your air conditioner efficiently. They are the following:

• You will have to select the right temperature. This is important because when wrong selection of the temperature is done the compressor has to work harder to produce the desired effect.

• It is necessary that you close all the doors and windows of the room when you switch on the air conditioner to experience the most comfortable state.

• Try to stick to manufacturer’s instruction before every operating season. This include cleaning the air filters at regular intervals and carry out maintenance activities of the unit at least once in every six months.

 Last but not the least certain helpful tips would be not to use the air conditioner when it is not required instead one can use ceiling fans, it will be a lot pocket friendly. Moreover when the AC is on no such activity should be done inside the room that increases the humidity.


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